Wiki Admin

Information about configuring Wx Wiki Server

There are several files that can be used to configure Wx Wiki Server.


The README page comes with each distribution, and contains basic info on how to start Wx Wiki Server.

Startup Process

When starting up, wikiserver first checks to see if Wiki Server Ini exists. If Wiki Server Ini does not exist, or contains no settings, wikiserver checks the command line. Finally, if none of those have any settings, then wikiserver falls back to its hard-coded built-in settings, detailed in Wiki Server Ini.

This file is read only when the server starts, and has the same file format as wkc files (see Wkc File Format).

File Formats

These are the files that are present in the pages directory.

Runtime Config Files

The following config files can be edited at any time, and, while the server is running, through the Admin Login page (if you edit one outside the server while it is still running, either the file will be overwritten or the changes simply won't be loaded, depending on the particular wkc file changed).

Template Files

Other Admin Features

Other features that the Administrator can use.