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1. Answered Questions
1. 1. UserName in page footer
1. 2. Does [SAVE] look for submit page
1. 3. Preview window
1. 4. Release & Version Numbering
1. 5. Orphaned pages
1. 6. Linking
1. 7. Deleting pages
1. 8. Settings
1. 9. Nowiki
1. 10. Access
1. 11. Config files
1. 12. Editing config files out of server
1. 13. Wikiword
1. 14. Upgrading (Wx)WikiServer

Answered Questions

UserName in page footer

Q: Should it be possible to use the macro $UserName in a page footer like -
This page was last edited by $UserName at $PageTime on $PageDate.  
It works OK for the date and time functions but user name gets updated to reflect the currently logged in user when the page is viewed, not the person who edited the page. How should I achieve that?

A: Sorry about this, but it appears the correct macro, $PageEditor is undocumented and is what you want. I'll update the Wiki Formatting page on this wiki for now to reflect this.

Does [SAVE] look for submit page

Q: Does [SAVE] look for Submit Page ? (yes, but apparently finds it. Why doesn't it do the same for my installation? ) Is this caused by the rogue URL in the config file in the archive? Could the Server be distributed in a form that will work 'out of the box?'

A: It should work out of the box... if it doesn't please let me know what's the problem :)

Preview window

Q: Does [PREVIEW] open a new window? (apparently not! Note at head of page is wrong.) Oh, I see.. it's the WF page that opens in a new window, NOT the [Preview]!!

A: Yes. I don't know what people think this... any suggestions?

Release & Version Numbering

Q: Is this the executable from the sourceforge 155 release? No, it's 1.5.3, as can be seen on the left. There are only very minor differences between 1.5.3 and 1.5.5, so I didn't update the server to that build. - NB

A: 1.5 releases are mainly for bug fixes - the big changes will happen in 1.6.

Orphaned pages

Q: once a page is orphaned, can we link back to it? Like Anons Wiki Page? ?

A: (Yes) Thanks - that's been useful. David Roberts


Q: But there's more. What about Joe Josephs? and Joe Josephs ? And [JoeJosephs] and Josephs? ?

A: Use two [ and ]'s on both sides for pages with spaces :)

Deleting pages

Q: "How do you delete a page from the wiki?"

A: "Log in as an Admin, edit the page, remove all text from it, and save it :) (There should be a config setting somewhere for allowing normal users to delete pages if you want to enable that)"


Q: "How can I change some settings such as line-breaks?"

A: "You can change them by editing the options, such as linebreaks, in config.wkc to enable/disable (via value 1/0) as desired. If the server is running, changes should be done via the admin menu's first option (Edit basic configuration)."


Q: "What exactly does the nowiki feature do?"

A: "The same as @html @endhtml, it just uses the same syntax as meatball and usemod (i.e. <nowiki>). In other words, wikiserver ignores any formating characters between the <nowiki> and </nowiki> tags." Example: to show that bold letter A, we type '''A'''. Now edit this page and see <nowiki> being used in the example...


Q: "Can I limit access to certain pages on my wiki?"

A: "Yes; to do that, go to the LockPages.wkc and edit the file as indicated. You can also do that by entering as admin and changing the settings on LockPages"

Config files

Q: How does one sign in as Administrator? The data in the User.wkc file doesn't get me in.

A: As a default you should have a user/password combination like "admin/password". You can change it manually as through the admin login page.

Editing config files out of server

Q : I've been adding entries to the Inter Wiki?.wkc file manually using MS Notepad, but when I go to use them on a page, it's as if the Inter Wiki? entries don't exist. How comes?

A: Try editing the interwiki.wkc trough the admin login option. Editing of these files outside the wikiserver needs a restart of the server.


Q : Is that normal that when I delete a Wiki Word? in a Wiki that the file related with the Wiki Word? remain on my hard drive? If so, is there a way to clean it up?

A: I think so. Those other files are the other versions of that page - if you delete those then your visitors wont be able to see previous versions of that page...

Upgrading (Wx)WikiServer

Q : I'm using the wiki, but I see there is a more recent version. Should I upgrade? And if how should I do this?

A: In general you should upgrade to the latest stable release. Release Candidates are betas that are tested by the developer but are up for review and shouldn't be used in a production environment. Upgrading is relatively simple. Download the latest version from http://www.sourceforge.net. For new installations you can extract all files from the zipfile in a directory and run the servergui.exe. For upgrading unzip all files EXCEPT dumpallfiles and wikiserver.ini in the directory. And of course, before the installation you should stop wikiserver....