Meta Pages

Meta Pages

Meta Pages are pages that are not editable by anyone but provide usefulness anyway

Wiki Server uses a few "metapages" in its operation, which are not true pages but give additional information back.

Edit Page?page=<page>
Edit Page?page=<page>&rev=<rev>
Edit Page?page=<page>&rows=<rows>&cols=<cols>
Edit Page?page=<page>&rev=<rev>&rows=<rows>&cols=<cols>

This returns an edit page for the specified page. You can optionally specify the size of the text area, which defaults to 80 x 18 characters. You can also specify which revision (rev) of a page to edit from.

Dump All Pages

This returns a binary file containing all the pages on the Wiki Server. If you place this file into the root server directory and then restart the Wiki Server, the pages will be added to the current set of pages. Note: pages are always overwritten, regardless of age

List All Pages

This returns a page containing a link to every single page in the Wiki Server.

List Orphans

This lists all the "orphan" pages - that is, pages which have no links going to them.

Recent Changes

This returns a page containing a list of the most recently-edited pages (for the last 7 days, although these do not have to be 7 consecutive days)

Reverse Link?page=<page>

This returns a list of all the pages which link to the specified page. Note that the list of links is cached when the server starts and automatically kept up to date, so doing a reverse link search involves only memory operations.


This returns a list of the current and all previous revisions of the said page. You can view the previous revisions, and even get diffs between them.


Obtains the diff between two revisions of <page>


Here you can log in, create a new user (a new user is created automagically), along with setting your home page and other preferences.

Author Login

This is another way authors can log in, some people find it more convienient then Preferences.

Syndicate RSS
Syndicate RSS?items=<numitems>

Creates an RSS stream for this wiki, streaming the last <numitems> changes made. Wx Wiki Server streams the diff of a page, rather then a comment or the whole page itself. By default, it streams 20 changes.